Contact Blog Consulting is an API for elevation data.

It’s easy to get running yourself.

git clone
cd opentopodata
docker build --tag opentopodata --file docker/Dockerfile .
docker run --rm -it --volume $(pwd)/data:/app/data:ro -p 5000:5000 opentopodata
curl http://localhost:5000/v1/test-dataset?locations=56.35,123.90

Responses are compatible with the Google Maps Elevation API.

    "results": [{
        "elevation": 815.0,
        "location": {
            "lat": 56.0,
            "lng": 123.0
    "status": "OK"

I’m also hosting a free API with a number of open datasets.

Dataset Resolution Extent
ETOPO1 1.8 km Global, including bathymetry and ice surface elevation near poles.
SRTM 90m 90 m Latitudes -60 to 60.
SRTM 30m 30 m Latitudes -60 to 60.
EU-DEM 25 m Europe.
ASTER GDEM 30 m Global.
NED ⅓" 10 m Continental USA, Hawaii, parts of Alaska.

For more info check out Open Topo Data or the source on GitHub.